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You can send an email to Elected Members and Council Officials.  The reality of a campaign like this is the more emails that are received the more impact the campaign has.  Even if you are unable to support in any other way sending an email will be a huge help.  We have tried to make this as easy for you as possible by including a template email below and relevant email addresses to send it to……

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To Whom it May Concern

I am adding my voice to the ‘Save Johnstonebridge Primary School’ campaign.

I find it astonishing that Dumfries and Galloway Council find it acceptable that up to 25 pupils in the age range 4-12 years can be taught in the same classroom.

The Council states its commitment to support children to be healthy and active; and to raise ambition and attainment, in particular to address inequalities. This approach will create inequality in education provision as Johnstonebridge is taken to the extreme limit of the composition of primary classes. It is impossible to see the benefits to the children and how the school will be able to sustain its high standard when all children are combined in a single class across P1-P7. This approach has a significant risk of leading to less healthy and active children, with a reduction in ambition and attainment, and will lead to an increase in inequality of education provision.

Finally, the Council claims to be committed to investing in creating schools fit for the 21st Century, which are at the heart of our communities; ensure that local people and communities are the heart of our decision making; and to empower our communities to make the most of their assets. I would like to you to contact Johnstonebridge Parent Council urgently to discuss this matter as I understand so far Council Officials are refusing to engage with the parent council.



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