Johnstonebridge Primary School Needs You!

Budget Cuts

Johnstonebridge is a beautiful rural community with a fantastic school with a great family atmosphere.

Due to the new Council budget our school faces losing a teacher at the end of this year as the school roll will drop to 24. Strangely the Council find it acceptable that 24 pupils aged between 4-12 in one class room will receive a good level of education!😢

The Council has made it clear with this budget that rural communities are ‘on their own’ and that the main focus of council funds remains large centres of population.

We are fighting this and will continue to do so as we believe our children should receive the same level of education as all other children across the region.

We need to find an extra 2 pupils to enrol in Johnstonebridge Primary School for the next year to initally prevent us losing the amazing Mrs Crawford.

Please share this page far and wide to see if there are any parents looking for a great small school with a family atmosphere for their children……..

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